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Are you looking to change your financial destiny, but you don't know where to start or what it really takes to get your money game right?

Instead of continuing wondering what the next right step is, let me guide you.

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7-Day Online Training Course Usually $297, today just $7!

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The Money Plan Challenge is a guided 7-day course that gives you a clear process with daily video lessons, worksheets and action plans so you can implement to shift your financial destiny!

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Detailed Video Instruction with Clear Action Steps

Mel Abraham is one of the most highly-sought financial and business advisers for a reason: he gives you practical and tactical advice only. You'll get worksheets and action steps that help you start on the right path to wealth building and how to use your business to accelerate it. If you've ever wondered how entrepreneurs truly find independence, wealth and a richer lifestyle then this is for you.


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The Money Plan Challenge

7-Day Online Training Course Usually $297, today just $7!

7 Video Training Lessons, Worksheets & Daily Action Steps to Help You Shift Your Money Game and Create a Money Plan!

  • Learn why you need a money plan and what it takes to create it.
  • How to STOP letting your MONEY STORIES from holding you back from the wealth you want.
  • Figure out what your LIFESTYLE WEALTH NUMBER is so you know specifically what it takes for you to be completely free.
  • Understand your NUMBERS and where you may be leaking wealth.
  • Understand good and bad debt and how to create your own DEBT BREAKTHROUGH.
  • Learn tactics and strategies to do INCOME RATCHETING to find additional cash for wealth building.
  • Learn the core fundamental INVESTING PRINCIPLES to keep you safe as you build your wealth.
Start the 7-Day Money Plan Challenge!

Meet Your New Financial Coach!

I'm a CPA by education but an entrepreneur by exhilaration, and your tour guide on your path to financial liberation. I'm the author of the #1 Bestseller, The Entrepreneur's Solution: The Modern Millionaire's Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom. 

I'm the founder of Thoughtpreneur™ Academy & Business Breakthrough Academy™ where I help entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the world and build the lifestyle that they want.

How Cancer Showed Me How Important Financial Liberation is...

After finding a cancerous tumor in my bladder larger than a baseball in June 2019 and successfully conquering it within 6 months, I began to openly teach The Affluence Blueprint™ because my cancer journey spotlighted the immediate and urgent need for entrepreneurs to find “financial liberation” and peace of mind. This is the very process and system I used to build his business and more importantly his wealth through business that allowed me to completely shut things down to focus on what’s important.

Most entrepreneurs are building a financial house of cards and don’t even realize it…and traditional financial advice will not work for them. 

Now it’s your turn to take the lead!

Let one of the most sought-after financial coaches teach you to build a strong financial foundation for business growth and wealth creation!

Here is what you will learn each day: 

Day 1 - Why a Money Plan Matters

You’ll learn a whole new way of thinking about your money, wealth, and business. You'll learn the key elements to build wealth as an entrepreneur, and what most get wrong.

Day 2 - Expand Your Money Mind

Money stories can wreak havoc on your wealth capacity. You'll learn Mel's Money  Mind Framework to help you eliminate the story demons that hold you back.

Day 3 - Know Your Target

Too often we focus on our planning on income which is a mistake. You'll learn why lifestyle planning is the key to creating a wealth plan that works for your lifestyle!

Day 4 - Know Your Numbers

Learn the key metrics and where you may be leaking wealth. Identify what your needs and wants are so you can find incremental shifts to build wealth!

Day 5 - Crush Your Debt

Debt can be an albatross that sinks your wealth ship if you don't know the difference between productive and destructive debt. You'll create a wealth breakthrough plan here...

Day 6 - Ratchet Your Income!

Incremental shifts in your income can create monumental shifts in your wealth over time. You'll find ways to create or scale your income to use to fund your financial future!

Day 7 - The Investment Journey

Investing is complicated and confusing...or is it? You'll get the fundamental principles to use to keep you safe as you craft your investment journey.

BONUS: Action Guide & Next Steps

You will get Mel's full list of resources that he uses to manage money, generate income, investing, including his favorite money book list, and more!

Real People. Real Results.

What others are saying about the 30+ years of business and financial wisdom from Mel Abraham".

"Mel's solid strategy allowed us to buy our dream home a block from the beach!”

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about money until I met Mel. I was earning a great income, yet I didn’t realize how fragile my financial position was until I went through my first training with him.  I now know exactly what moves to make to retire comfortably, how to manage my monthly income and how to invest for my future. 

~~Britt Seva, Creator/CEO Thriver's Society

“Debt-free and building wealth within 10 months!”

Mel showed me that I didn’t have to stay in debt with my student loans and I could use my business to become debt-free and build wealth. Within ten months I paid off $100K in student loans and building wealth.

~~Brandi Mowles, Marketing Strategist

“Mel helped me set up my business so it builds my wealth too… dream house, retirement, and more!”

No one is as gifted or brilliant with as Mel!
 Mel helped me understand how to make my money work for me and how oddly fulfilling it truly is. He helped me set things up so it works for me now but also works for me in the future too.

~~Rick Mulready, Creator/CEO The Art of Online Business

“He helped me set up my business so it builds my wealth too!”

No one is as gifted or brilliant with Money as Mel! He helped me understand how to make my money work for me and how oddly fulfilling it truly is. He helped me set things up so it works for me now but also works for me in the future too.
 ...and he helped me setup up my business to do it the right way so it builds my wealth too!

~~Erin Sanderson, Creator/CEO Sister Clothing and SKIN Skin Care

"If you get to learn from this guy make sure you do it, he's a genuine heart & true expert!”

Mel is the mastermind that I go to on everything business. His hidden magic is his ability to take experts and thought leaders to another level in their brand and business. He's helped me build mine so I know he can help you build yours.

~~Brendon Burchard, Creator/CEO GrowthDay

"Our net worth keeps going up and up and up! We are well into the 7-figures now”

Mel has helped us learn how to move our money to keep us safe, how to build wealth, how to build something for our family. And not just spend or waste all the money. Mel absolutely crushes it because he just has the experience and knowing in things that most people don't know and if you're looking at building your business or building your wealth, Mel is the only person I would go to.

~~Brandon Lucero, Creator/CEO Video 4X Effect

There’s never been a better time to start your journey to financial independence!

You will get immediate online access to all the training videos, implementation emails, worksheets, and resource guide for 7 days! Let's get started now!

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