Thought Leader's Velocity Mastermind

Thought Leader's Velocity Mastermind

The Velocity Mastermind is a 6-month immersive process strategically designed to get you the support, guidance, and resources to build your thought leader positioning. Each month we’ll focus on a critical step in your thought leader positioning process each month to completion.


Offer Magic: create a compelling offer that connects, serves and converts. Understand the key offer elements, your solution, promise articulation solved, risk reversal, value stacking.

Runway Design: build a warmup/awareness sequence that positions you as the, your solution as the solution and setup the sale before they know it’s coming.

Ethical Bribe Creation: create a compelling lead magnet that attracts, converts and builds credibility for you while connecting deeply with your customer’s needs.

Conversion Vehicle: create your specific conversion vehicle (webinar, video series, email sequence, challenge and others) to move a prospect to a client while building your following and credibility.

Delivery Vehicle: deliver your solution in a transformative way. You’ll find and design your specific program or training that gets results. This will use Mel’s PFramework.

Promotion Strategy: design your critical campaign strategy based on the positioning promotion paradigm and understand your key metrics for success. Set your execution plan in motion.


§ Monthly Focus: Each month you will focus on one phase of the thought leader positioning process to get the core pieces nailed down. This allows you to get to the critical steps so you can execute effectively moving forward.

§ Hotseat & Q&A Calls: We’ll have regular monthly group calls to deliver new content, do hotseats and q&a’s. This gives you access to knowledge & guidance you need to keep moving forward.

§ Individual Strategy Calls: You’ll get 3 1-on-1 strategy calls with Mel. Each session and notes will be recorded and provided to you after the call. This becomes your 911 lifeline during our 6 months together.

§ Specific Swipe Files & Resources: You’ll get some of Mel’s favorite swipe files and resources including email templates, scripts, landing pages and campaigns along with other resource referrals to get things done. This will allow you to move faster and not start from a blank page.

§ Online Members-Only Portal & Group: All Velocity Members will get access to the group membership portal for our training, recordings and resources. This gives you access to Mel and to the group to ask questions, get guidance to work through challenges and celebrate your successes.

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