The Perfect Pitch Formula

The Perfect Pitch Formula

Conversational Selling From Stage & Elsewhere

Are you a speaker, author, trainer, coach or maybe a consultant, advisor, business owner or entrepreneur?

If so, one of the greatest skills you can nurture and master is your ability to connect with your audience, communicate your ideas powerfully and move people to action through your words and presence.

The key is to be persuasive not pushy, conversational not contrived and transformational not informational. If you want to learn how to deliver highly persuasive presentations and have the secret power to move people towards action (without coming across pushy or sales-y), then this live training is for you. 

In this TRANSFORMATIONAL program you'll learn the PERFECT PITCH FORMULA FRAMEWORK and how to deliver your message from a place of empathy, build authority and deliver your remedy in a moving and compelling, conversational way without feeling awkward, pushy or salesy.

The program is a immersive training that will  literally gives you the specific tactics, tools and templates to use to 

Other Benefits Include:

  • Understand the Evolution of Selling
  • Building conviction through your process versus trying to convince your audience
  • The keys to be seen as a leader, solver and influencer
  • Using the Perfect Pitch Template to develop your conversational pitch
  • Specific "fill-in' the blank templates to help with creating your presentation
  • The very structure I use and my clients have used to have closing ratios of more than 47% 
  • All Modules include video trainings and downloadable proprietary templates and tools
  • Access to Mel through the portal to help answer your questions

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The Perfect Pitch Formula

$497.00 USD