The Affluence Blueprint (Full + 6-Pay - Live)

The Affluence Blueprint (Full + 6-Pay - Live)

It’s your time to finally get your financial journey dialed in the right way AND based on proven AFFLUENCE principles so you can eliminate your worries!

Join me on the journey to financial liberation and lifestyle independence, using the exact same processes, strategies, and tactics that I’ve used over that past 30 years for myself and many of my clients.

FOLLOW proven step-by-step guidance to...  

Define Your Affluence Vision & Plan

Using our unique Affluence Visioning ™ Process you'll create a one-sheet for your plan with 1, 5, and 10-year goals on it in multiple life domains.

Understand Your Current Financial Wealth-Building Power

Discover the key elements of your income and expenses that are driving your wealth. Learn the key ways to elevate your income for wealth building The Fifty Percent Rule ™  and The 8 Revenue Scalers ™. 

Create an Affluent Entrepreneur Scorecard ™

You'll define and understand the key metrics that matter. These are the metrics that will make your plan and vision a reality.

Build Your With the RIght People

Not all advisors and mentors are created equal. You'll understand the differences, what to avoid and how to choose the right ones that will be solely focused on the success of your vision!

Get Your Affluent Investing Principles Right

Understand the elements of risk and investing, portfolio design and diversification. Use the 8 Rules of Investing™ and the 6-Factor Evaluation™ to help make the right decisions at the right time.

Build Your Fortress to Protect Your Financial Machine

Using the Risk Exposure Grid™, the Wealth Priority Ladder and the Starfish Advantage™ to build a wall around your assets and ability to generate your income.

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