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Thought Leader's Velocity Coaching - Application Deposit

The Velocity Mastermind focuses on you, your dreams, your life and how we can create the business to bring all of that to reality. It is a unique combination of coaching, curriculum and resources that when combined with your execution will accelerate & elevate your success.

Ultimately, I want you to get everything you need created in the next 6 months to start your breakthrough year!

Offer Magic: create a compelling offer that connects, serves and converts. Understand the key offer elements, your solution, promise articulation solved, risk reversal, value stacking.

Runway Design: build a warmup/awareness sequence that positions you as the expert, your solution as the solution and setup the sale before they know it’s coming.

Ethical Bribe Creation: create a compelling lead magnet that attracts, converts and builds credibility for you while connecting deeply with your customer’s needs.

Conversion Vehicle: create your specific conversion vehicle (webinar, video series, email sequence, challenge and others) to move a prospect to client while building your following and credibility.

Delivery Vehicle: deliver your solution in a transformative way. You’ll find and design your specific program or training that gets results. This will use Mel’s P6 Framework.

Promotion Strategy: design your critical campaign strategy based on the positioning promotion paradigm and understand your key metrics for success. Set your execution plan in motion.