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This is all about eliminating the destroyer of dreams, the devil of consumerism: DEBT. Yep, that four letter word that strikes fear in the hearts of AFFLUENT ENTREPRENEURS, or at least it should. Debt is how we pay for things we can’t afford today with tomorrow’s money. But it literally robs your future. It is your very own Ponzi scheme that you can’t win...

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"Mel's solid strategy allowed us to buy our dream home a block from the beach!"

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about money until I met Mel. I had invested in some stocks did well, I was earning a great income, yet I didn’t realize how fragile my financial position was until I went through my first training with him. I now know exactly what moves to make to retire comfortably, how to manage my monthly income and how to invest for my future.

Mel is real, approachable and makes talking about money fun, simple and relatable."

- Britt Seva
Founder, Thrivers Society


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